Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick & Easy Gifts with Templates

Sometimes you need something quick and easy to say THANK YOU to a friend, neighbor or colleague . . . but you still want it to be cute!

Here's an idea for you.

First, start with few Kit Kat bars (I used the JUMBO bars, but I think the regular ones would fit in much better).

Next, find a FRY BOX TEMPLATE online and print it. You can copy and paste it into a word processing program to size it if you need to.

Now, use the template to cut the shape from a piece of cardstock. Decorate as desired. I added some patterned paper to the inside of mine and then made a simple band of patterned paper with a label for the outside (papers from the Rise & Shine kit). "Thanks" is spelled out with Jenni Bowlin rubons.

Fill with broken Kit Kat candy to look like "french fries."

Place in a cellophane bag and tie with a cute bow! Done!!!
Hint: if your cellophane bag is too tall, just cut it shorter with a pair of pinking scissors. CUTE!

This would be fun for a teacher, friend, neighbor . . . or how about using this idea for Dad or Grampa for Father's Day.

For more fun templates check out the links below:
(if you know of any others, please tell us about them in our comment box and I will add them up here.)

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If you are like me and love to use buttons, you are constantly changing your thread color to match the layout you are working on.

Instead of rethreading your needle everytime, buy an entire package of embroidery needles (they have a larger eye and are easier to thread) and keep a length of each of your favorite colors on its own needle. Black on one, brown on another, white on the next, etc.

I keep mine in my tool drawer and they are ready to go whenever I need them.


Virginia said...

That is SO cute, Jana! I will definitely be doing that! I love the kit-kats as "fries!"

I do the same thing with my needles/thread too. :) It definitely makes it a lot quicker to thread buttons!

Penny B. said...

LOVE the kit kat gift! I'm going to have to try this!! Thanks!

Deanna said...

Like wow! This is totally awesome!