Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Documenting Summer with the Pool Party Daily Diary Kit

Good evening! Due to a little misunderstanding in scheduling, my post is coming at you extremely late today but I'm eager to show you my first pocket page spread using the Pool Party Daily Diary Kit. I love the bright, vibrant colors in this kit and they just went so well with my photos.

I used the heck out of the Summer Vibes stuff from Simple Stories that was included in the kit. The cards are absolutely gorgeous and had the perfect phrases for the photos I used.

I layered some die cuts from Simple Stories and some of the word stickers from the 12x12 sticker sheet in the kit.

I usually try to layer the bigger word art die cuts with a shaped die cut underneath like I did with the cloud and "hello there summer" on the top left card.

I like a lot of white space in my spreads but there were so many brightly colored cards that I wanted to use. To offset this, I decided to make the borders around my photos wider to give more white space.

It was fun to create the journaling card with the word art stickers and gives an added bit of color to this side of the spread. I layered some more die cuts on the journal cards and love how it turned out.

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Monday, June 29, 2015

My Wonderful Little People

I got the awesome Pool Party kit in the mail last week, but before I dug into it, I really wanted to make one more project with the Happy Go Lucky kit. I love that I can make SO many projects out of one kit. I still have quite a few things left in that kit that I will continue to dip into and use! 

For this layout, I wanted to use that stencil that was in the kit again. I use a mini chalk ink pad on top of it to create the blue pattern. I love this look and how quickly it dries. 

The title was fun for me to make as well- I love using my own writing and hand cut letters on my pages. I think it adds a fun personal touch! 

Friday, June 26, 2015


Hey guys! Summer vacation is in full swing and it is super hot where I live. I am dying to dig into the new Pool Party kit..it is ah-mazing!!! I have so many plans for this kit!!! Check it out...
See?!! Amazing! But before I dig into that I have another layout using the Happy Go Lucky classic kit...and this kit is pretty amazing, too!!!

I opted to change my photo to black and white since the colors didn't quite go with my page. You can see here with the color version next to the black & white:
You can see the color photo definitely would have been a distraction. I also cropped out a bit of the background on the black & white photo.
There are lots of fun embellishments that came with this kit which makes it super easy to throw a page together! And those self-adhesive brads?!! Those are my new favorite for sure! I love using brads on a page but 9 times out of 10 I decide that after I've adhered most of my page. And usually where I want to put the brad is in the middle of the page. Tell me I'm not the only one that does this! But now, with the self-adhesive brads, you can put it wherever you want on your page...and you don't have to worry about punching holes!
I'm also loving those thickers...like, a lot!! I may save a few of those for the upcoming Main Street Magic class!

You can head over to Noel Mignon to check out these kits (and more!). I'm not sure how many of these are left, usually there's only a few. So if you want one be sure to head over there & snag one up!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Life documented...

Hi :) I am sad to say that this will be my final project life share as part of the NoelMignon team. The past six months has truly been a wonderful experience and I am very grateful for the chance to share my love of scrapping with you all, but as they say ''all good things must come to an end".

I have used the awesome 'Happy Go Lucky' Daily Diary kit to document week 24 from my album.

As always my weekly photos were a mix of sizes and colors, but by using the fun patterns in the kit to balance out my photos, I was able to achieve a balanced look across both pages. 

I wanted to keep the embellishments minimal this week, focusing instead on the stories and photos, but did end up using a few small pieces from the kit to add more color to a few of the pockets.  

Our seasons are very different here in Australia, but even though this kit contained a lot of spring themed pieces it all still worked well with some of my  autumn pics and goes to show just how versatile these kits always are.

Thanks for stopping by xx
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Week 21 using Happy Go Lucky

Happy Tuesday everybody ! I am both excited and sad to be here with you today. You see this is my last Design Team post.

I have sincerely enjoyed working with the NoelMignon kits over the past 6 months, each one seeming to be my favorite.

Okay, let's get to the good stuff now, the sharing !

When I went to put together my week 21 I kind of noticed a theme, apparently I spent some time going around and taking some fun photos. Which I am not surprised, I love taking photos. I also notice that some weeks there is more of a mixture of things and people in the photos, sometimes there are more of one or the other. But you know what, I love them all. It all balances itself out in the end and tells the most wonderful story, which is our own !!

This week I went with a green color scheme with a little bit of other colors thrown in.  Usually I am not a green person, actually shy away from it. But this year I am learning to branch out and try new things. Plus I am kind of liking the green !

Here is a look at the left side of my spread.

I just love the color of the gray patterned paper and thought it went perfect with the rest of my photos. I cut a strip off and added it onto the bottom of my title card. Staying with the green theme, I cut part of a journaling card and added it on to my title card. It made the whole page one cohesive look.

Once in a while we all get lucky and get a great photo. I was out taking pictures of my blooming flowers when this hummingbird comes flying in. Thankfully I was able to snap a great photo of him and I love it ! It is the one on the bottom right. I added a digital brush before printing it out and then added the puffy triangle sticker. So fun !! I think that might be my favorite this week, maybe.

I also added one of the Heidi Swapp clear labels to my Dr. Pepper photo. It was perfect.

This week was still technically Spring, so I used the Spring filler card and I just love it. I chose to leave it alone and not add anything to it. Sometimes I add, sometimes I don't.

On the journaling card I told the story of how my kids started calling the Dr. Pepper "Mommy Juice". And NO, I do not drink a ton of it, just a glass here and there okay !! LOL. But it was funny enough that it had to be added to the scrapbook.

Let's move on to the second page now.

I was able to journal about two stories from this week. The first one was when we attended Katelyn's Honor Roll and Principal's List assembly. I cut out the wood grained label from another journaling card and added it to the one with the green bottom. I added her GPA for the year on the bottom using the number stickers from the kit. The photo next to it is of us eating ice cream that they served afterwards.

The other story is all about the adorable yellow minion in the photo and his wardrobe. I started out with one of the Simple Stories journaling cards and cutting a strip of the gray patterned paper to go on the bottom, again for a more of a cohesive feel.

Well folks that it is for me this week and for my term on the Design Team. I want to thank each and every one of you for continuing to come over to the blog and also for your support along the way. I have truly loved every minute of it and plan to check back to see what all the other team members are creating.

Have a wonderful rest of your summer and a fabulous day !

Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Well, Happy Day After Father's Day! I hope you all had a great day celebrating those guys in your life!

Here's a couple of cards I made up for the guys in our life, using the Happy Go Lucky and Pack Your Bags kits!

It was so fun to integrate some of our own art into this project! And I'm pretty sure Reed had a great time, too!

That's all for me today! Happy Monday!

Friday, June 19, 2015

coolin' off

Hey all, Michelle here!!! I've been playing around with the Happy Go Lucky classic kit and I've actually been working on several layouts. I have one of those to share with you guys today. 

I had a lot of fun with some layering of the patterned papers & embellishments. I love how the pink paper was a great backdrop for my photos!! And to tone down the more busy floral paper I only left a 1 inch border around the outer edge of my page.
I am loving those chipboard thickers in the kit!! And the self-adhesive brads...love!!!
By the way, we had the Main Street Magic kit reveal last night on facebook. All of the kits are sold out but you can still join in on the class!!! You can check out the class details here

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Little One (documenting a parent that has passed away)

Holidays and milestones are always hard after losing a loved one. Period. The days that lead up to one of those dates tend to feel like there's a bit of a cloud over your head. This year marks three years since my dad has passed away, and while I've tried several times to scrapbook about him, it's been very few and far between. 

With Father's Day approaching, I thought maybe it was time to document one of my old childhood photos with my dad. It is kind of like going into a little counseling session to bare my memories and dive into looking at them face to face. 

The Happy Go Lucky classic kit matched the bright colors in my old photo perfectly. I don't want my layout to look sad- because as sad as it is to not have him around, many of my memories of him are happy ones. 

I find it VERY helpful to just sit and play with layering while my brain sorts through my old memories and feelings. It helps me to process to have something to occupy my hands. I'm so glad I was able to put down a few of these thoughts on my layout about my dad's nickname for me. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Documenting Dad with Happy Go Lucky

Good morning! This week, the design team members are showing you Father's Day projects and I made mine using the Happy Go Lucky Daily Diary Kit. I decided to make a spread honoring the wonderful father that my husband is and even got our 5 year old daughter in on the process to make it a little extra special.

I made a 6"x12" insert to throw into my regular Project Life album and used a lot of the Simple Stories Life Documented Cards that were included in the kit.

To make the camera embellishment, I used a circle punch on a 3x4 card from the kit and then cut little notches onto the ends "life captured" sticker to make it look like a banner. The polka dot banner behind is hand cut from a 4x6 card.

I asked my five year old what she liked most about her dad. Her answers were sweet and funny but I think also point to the larger point of how good of a father he is to them. Plus it'll be nice to have her perspective at this age documented.

Even though I've been using my typewriter for journaling for quite a while now, I am by no means an expert at it. I almost always have awkward spaces in my journaling just as I did this time when typing out my daughter's answers. So I took one of the border stickers from the Echo Park 12x12 alpha sheet in the kit and trimmed it down to size. Then I added phrase stickers from Simple Stories and a wood veneer heart to put the finishing touches on that card.

How will you be documenting Father's Day using your Happy Go Lucky kits? We'd love to see what you make. If you haven't already, join the NoelMignon Members group on Facebook (you don't even have to be a member!) and share with us what you are making using your kits.