Sunday, August 9, 2009

Punch Organization

Hey there! I just happened to reorganize my punches this past week and I thought it would make a perfect tip for you!

First, I originally had all of my punches in a metal cart what had 3 baskets -- it worked perfectly in the last place we lived because it was wider and I could move it about. But since the move I have converted our closet that is narrow but is very long - into my scrap space. The cart thing was bugging me because it was always in the way when I wanted to get to one of my storage shelves. So I finally changed it up and I am happy with the result. It is nothing new - but I changed it so I would like it and like looking at it. Here it is
I have seen this done with the clear shoe organizers and was not really wanting one - but it made sense to me. And all I could find were mesh ones --- so I utilized this shabby chic one that is usually in my daughters room - but we have not used it here - so I gave it a shot. To help me tell which punch was where I punched the design out onto black cardstock and then glued that onto kraft paper. Then I simply used a safety pin to hold it in place.

I can fit about to or 3 punches in each depending on the size. And the top one with no tag has my new ek success ones.

So just an idea if you need to free up some space and/or are looking for an alternative to the clear shoe organizer.!



Kristine said...

This is GENIUS!!!

Jana Eubank said...

This is so smart! And I love how pretty you've made it look! The black on kraft pinned on looks so classy and clean. Great tip!

Noel said...

Wonderful idea! I love the way you labeled them too!!

adrianaarteira said...

Brilliant idea!!!! Wonderful!!!!!

cococricketsmama said...

what a clever way to organize those punches!

Julianna said...

Nice Blog!! Spacify offers storage shelves which can be used alone as a place to keep your books and more.

Tricia Wilson said...

I use the same method to store my punches, but yours is MUCH cuter! I love the idea of adding the images to the outside of the pocket.