Thursday, October 30, 2014

trick or treat!

Hey guys! I have a Halloween layout to share today :)

Ever feel like all of your holiday layouts have the same title?? I think most of my Halloween layouts either say "happy Halloween" or "trick or treat"! haha Not too inventive when it comes to layout titles...but I'm totally ok with that :)

I'm loving all of the colors in the Early Autumn kit and what I'm finding is that they're perfect for a multitude of themes...not just fall or Halloween. But, of course, since Halloween is in just one day (eek!!!) I figured I'd share that one today!

I used one of those great printable cards that Virginia shared last week. I foresee using those on many pages! Originally I was going to color on it but then opted to print it on one of the patterned papers that had a grey side on the back. In doing that it gave the card a bit of color so I simply inked the edges and added some of those great "pop drops" stars to the top!

I was also inspired by Virginia's layout this week so I added some doodling around my page. Her pages almost always have some cute doodling on them!!

And now it's time for me to get cracking on finishing up this year's costumes and getting some Halloween treats ready for Friday!!

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Becky said...

Like how you have used 4 photos on is layout :)