Friday, October 21, 2011

Displaying Halloween Memories of the Past

We've been having a great time at Spooktacular Week on the message boards... come join us if you haven't had a chance to pop in yet! 

I wanted to be able to display Halloween pictures from the past years in my home during the month of October, but because this ends up being an insanely busy month for us (as I imagine it is for you too!), I needed to make something simple and that perhaps could be used for other projects down the road. 

I had a couple of old wooden frames in my trunk (what-- isn't that where you store random stuff?!). These are actually supposed to be canvas stretchers, but I just used what I had on hand. You could use old thrift store frames or whatever works for you! 

I spray painted them with this paint- it was just a couple of bucks at Walmart and I still have plenty left for other projects. 

Then I hot glued on some twine & buttons from the Something Wicked kit. Make sure to lay these flat to do that and to hold the twine taut as the glue dries. 

I used odds and ends of stickers, brads, and patterned paper from the kit to lightly embellish photos of Halloween from the past 6 years. I found all of the photos by going through my blog and just downloading the pictures straight from there, rather than going through all my backed up photos on cds. It was a lot easier since I know my blog is archived and I can just click on the month of October! I turned all the photos black & white and upped the contrast a bit in Picasa to make them bolder. Next time I go home I plan to get some old photos of myself from Halloween to add to our display. 

Tiny clothespins from the craft section hold the photos up. You can stack the frames like this....

Or do them side by side! Whichever way appeals to you more....

The great thing with this project is that I can change it out for Christmas time as well! :)


Don't forget to join me tonight!!

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scrapbookone said...

Virginia I love these little frames! Thanks for the tutorial.