Friday, September 12, 2014

Challenge: the crochet tape 3 ways!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm wrapping up Challenge Week with a set of cards all using the Maya Road crocheted tape that came in the Tea for Two kit. What you'll notice about this tape is that while it looks just like crocheted ribbon it IS in fact got sticky tape already attached to the back of it.  And if you've ever tried to attach lace to a layout, you'll know that this is a good thing!

So while I was still trying to figure out how to use this new found tape, I realized that I could use it almost exactly like ribbon, and THAT spurred on the creativity! I started using the tape as I would a ribbon.
First I chose to make a lace rosette, where I punched a circle out of cardstock and then began to wrap the tape around the circle starting at the outside and working my way it.  I ended up creating 2 of these for my card, one is larger and has a different look than the smaller one. The size of the circle beneath the tape effects the look of the rosette. Here's how those turned out.

Next I chose to cut my lace tape in half down the middle. Word to the wise--it's so much easier to cut BEFORE you peel the backing off the tape. If you peel the backing off first, then start to cut, the lace starts to shred at the edges and the adhesive makes it hard to cut. Once I'd cut 2 full lengths of lace, I tucked one set underneath the edges of my patterned paper. Then I layered the second set of trim on top of the paper. It created as simple way to add lots of texture to my card.

And for my last card I chose to weave strips of lace together to create a foundation for my embellishments. Again, I was hoping to use it in a different way to add texture and interest to my card.  Tip: just like above, it's easier to weave the lace BEFORE you peel the adhesive backing. Once you've gotten the woven look that you want, then cut the backing off each end of the trim. Don't try to take the backing off the entire thing. The ends will be sticky enough to keep the whole piece in place. Here's how that one turned out.

And here they are all together again.

Thanks for joining me today and learning more about the crocheted lace trim. I really love that it's adhesive backed, because that made it so much easier to work with! I can't wait to see your creations using this trim.  Please show us on our FB Community, we'd love to see! And if you end up using one of these techniques, please tag me in the comments section so I won't miss it!

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!!



Becky said...

These are gorgeous!

Virginia said...

I love your take on the tape! Bravo my friend!!