Monday, January 13, 2014

My top scrapbook area organization tips!

I posted on our facebook group earlier today that oftentimes a "quick tidy up" ends up being a complete re-organizing project in my scrapbook area! 

My little corner of our playroom is just the perfect size for me, but I often start dumping things on my desk and then things get out of control. Anyone else relate? 

This is my desk area...

with my storage shelves behind me. 

I've found, though even when I let it get out of control, I come back to the same principles over and over. 

1. If I don't see it, I forget to use it! 

I keep my most often used supplies at my finger tips. I love rub ons (especially for my canvas projects) so these and a few other staples stay right by my side at my desk. I have found that napkin holders are great skinny vertical storage for lots of products! I found this one at a friend's yard sale.

I also keep all my different pens and such right in front of me, along with some inspiration 
and my current NM kit.  

2. Group like items together. 

It's SOOOO much easier for me to find things or to put them away when there is one easy spot for them to go. My little ikea cart is perfect for this.

3. Pretty containers really do make all the difference.

Honestly, this is a little "junky" area on the floor near me, but because the containers are pretty, they do help conceal and make it look more tidy.

4. Break apart kits once you have picked through them.

I keep embellishments from the kits in this drawer, which is easy to pick through. Each little section has other "like" items with it.

Paper/larger embellishments go in this tub which sits on the shelf above.

5. Don't be afraid to throw away!

In my purging, I was able to get rid of enough stuff to have one drawer completely empty (!!!) and another one have empty spots in it waiting to be filled! The top drawer has correspondence/gift tags sort of stuff in it, the second drawer has my water colors and empty spots, and the bottom drawer is empty. Most of what I threw away were scraps of things I'd held on to (for no real reason) or things that could have just been put away somewhere else. I also like to purge every few months with things I don't think I'll be using. 

I hope my tips help you out! :) Stick around all week for different sorts of organizing tips from our whole team! 

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Rose Ann Deighan said...

Awesome!! Good tips, thanks :) I appreciate you sharing this :D
have a great evening!