Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Final Layout

A final presentation showcasing the "Penny Arcade" kit. I have to say, one of the original reasons I fell in love with this kit is because I was drawn to it's subtle colors and patterns. The muted hues are perfect for documenting stories about family. Whether your scrapbooking about your ancestors of yesterday or celebrating new love, this lovely kit provides the perfect palette for preserving such stories. 

For this last project, I documented an ongoing family tradition that Eric and I used to share - gatherings in the kitchen. He would carefully manage the cleaning of dishes. It was a task that belonged to him. After his passing, the task became mine. Every time I take note of the sink or whenever I'm doing dishes, I think of Eric. To me, the task of cleaning dishes is trivial, but to Eric, it was an activity of finely attuned awareness. I took this photo of him a few months prior to his passing of him working in the kitchen. He's fully present in the moment and of total peace of mind. 

Color coated chipboard doesn't have to be used "as is". If you happen to like the shape of a piece of chipboard embellishment, but the color doesn't quite fit, simply paint it or cover it with an alternative material. For the above chipboard embellishment, I painted it light brown and coated it with silver glass glitter. I backed the chipboard embellishment with one of the vintage cards provided in the kit. 

I've already mentioned this at my blog, but I'll mention it again. I have a substantial size collection of transparency embellishments, including frames. Frames are not only wonderful for accenting photos, they're also a great option for bringing attention to journaling. Trim your transparency frame to fit your area of journaling (or whatever you decide to frame) and adhere it to your layout using small glue dots.

Thank you for the opportunity to guest design using the "Penny Arcade" kit. It's been a pleasure! Have a wonderful evening everyone! Take care - Christine M.


June Houck said...

I love this page. You really captured his contentedness in both the photo and the layout. Beautifully and perfectly done.

chelemom said...

This is truly gorgeous!

tina said...

This is amazing. Thank you for sharing this with us.