Friday, July 31, 2009

Making Trading Cards

My son has been into making trading cards. They are for some game, but I don't know what game it is.......cuz I am not a 12 year old boy apparently! It is kind of cute, because he will head up to my scrap room, sit at "his" table and cut "cards." He used markers to draw his images and places values on each card. I especially love when he tells me it is a "rare" card! I documented this creative side to him using Noel's Five Foot Two kit (sold out!) and some 7 Gypsies.
I snuck a few of his cards (Don't worry I didn't take his "rare" cards! LOL!) and made a little booklet for them. I tucked an envelope behind the photo to put the booklet in.
See? And the kid has no idea I have his cards in my scrapbook........: )

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!!!

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Noel said...

my son does this same thing! But iof course...he wants to sell them...LOL!! This is awesome Michele!