Friday, June 4, 2010

Intro - Michelle Lanning

Hello there!  Michelle Lanning here and I am SOO glad to be back for another term with Noel Mignon.  I truly believe that these kits have allowed me to find my style in scrapbooking - so for that I am thankful - oh and as well as being able to play with the kits as well! heee!

I am a mom to Alyson - my princess that keeps me busy and drives my creative juices.  I teach when I am not crafting and have been doing so for the last 10 11 years.  I love to take photos, sew, and decorate my home.  My newest hobby is repurposing furniture, clothes, really anything I can find a use for.


What's your favorite technique right now?
Right now I would say my favorite technique is pleating paper - odd I know - but it adds the perfect amount of dimension to a layout for me. 

I also love using coffee filters!  They are perfect for making flowers or even a border!

What part of creating a page do you enjoy the most?
    I honestly love creating each and every part - but if I did have to pick one element it would be embellishments!  Really I think it is like putting on the earrings and necklace of the layout.  When they are all put on and fit the layout - then I feel real happy. :)

What is one thing about scrapbooking that frustrates you?
  I think the most frustrating thing about scrapbooking is not producing my 'vision' for the page I am creating.  Now let me calrify by saying that usually my pages turn out different than what I envisioned - but I like it more.  But there are times when I make a left turn into a dead end.  It seems like the only way to save it is to scrap it --- but I don't and I won't - I just get through it and move on to the next!

Once again, I am so glad to be here and be back!  I can't wait to continue creating with Noel's beautiful kits!  I blog here and would love you to visit!


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Kathy Martin said...

Fantastic pages! LOVE them all! :)