Thursday, November 6, 2014

Maple Creek layouts

Hey guys!!! Well, with the craziness of Halloween week over and a beautiful Maple Creek kit that arrived at my door I found a huge boost in my scrappy mojo and got to cranking out some layouts!!

So here goes!!

To create this first layout I started with a grid of my photos and then added some embellishments in and around them. I just love the kraft doilies in this kit (I resisted the urge to hoard them!)

Next, I created a pumpkin carving layout by grouping all of my photos in a cluster in the center of the page, adding embellishments in and around the photos. 

And a Halloween's a sad day when your daughter wears a shirt for her costume that you wore in the 80s and thought was cool! haha Actually, I didn't wear GnR but I had many, many band tees!!

For the next 2 layouts I knew I had a lot of photos. In the past, I would've created a more traditional 2 page layout. But thanks to the whole pocket scrapbooking craze I can easily create a multi-photo page in no time flat!

I simply added some embellishments to my photos to enhance the page and voila!!

That '2014' was actually from the packaging of the Maggie Holmes rub-ons. And speaking of those awesome rub-ons (I seriously need more of these), they go on photos super easy, you don't even have to use the popsicle stick, your finger will do it. But be careful - once it sticks to the photo it's not moving so make sure you have it in the right spot before placing it down!

And the backside of this layout was during the same day. We actually went pumpkin and apple picking all in the same day :)

And now, all of my fall photos have been scrapbooked and are ready to be put in my albums!! 

And, by the way, if you want to see how much is left after created these 5 pages, check this out...
(Excuse the gets dark super early here in WA!)
Seriously, it still looks like I have a full kit left!! That is one of THE best things about Noel's have everything you need to create tons of projects!!



clements_diane said...

These are great. You make it look so easy.

Becky said...

Great layouts! I haven't started on this kit - looking forward to doing so this weekend