Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Little Wreathe That Could

A while back, I found five little wreathe forms at a yard sale, and KNEW they would come in handy one day. And rather than sit in my studio closet forever, they ACTUALLY DID COME IN HANDY! Wonder of wonders, right?

A few weeks ago, I got a major wild hair, and decided that I needed to build dozens of signs. I just felt like working with tools for a change. So I put together this little lady as an experiment before I went all out, and built the 36"x48" version. Better to test things out first, right?

After I got this little lady all stained, I decided the perfect thing to do would be to use it for seasonal decor. And what better than a little wreathe for each season to take their turn on this sign? So for Autumn, this is what I came up with, using the Maple Creek classic kit. And I am in love! That Gold Zazz gives the flowers and branches the perfect sparkle, and the epoxy brads make great flower centers!

Best of all? This is super easy to do! We've probably all made these little paper rosettes before, and cutting leaves and branches is easy peasy with your Cameo! Just make sure not to scorch your fingers with that glue gun and you'll be juuuuuust fine! A little tip, though? Squeeze on the Zazz AFTER you glue your flowers on. I did it before, and it worked great, but took a long time to dry. Next time, I'll be sure to leave the drying paint until the end of the project, so I can move on to something else.

Once everything's dry, just loop a length of ribbon around the top of the wreathe, and staple it to the top edge of the board. Cut another length of ribbon and tie a bow around the loop to secure the wreathe in place. And, if you have some Fray Check, USE IT! That will really help to keep your cute notched ribbon ends from getting beat up.

That's all for me today! Hope you are all enjoying this cooler weather!

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beckyjune said...

This is beautiful, Britt, and that board is amazing!