Monday, September 28, 2009

Core Curriculum Pages

I have a couple more pages to share with you today using the Core Curriculum kit. :)

List Maker
- I'm a list maker . . . and I've recently discovered that my daughter is too! For the first day of school, my daughter had written out a darling list of things she didn't want to forget and things she needed to do to get ready. I found it sitting in her room after she had left for the day and swiped it to include on this page. Hehehehe! :)

On a recent trip to the dollar store, I was drawn to the wall full of kitchen towels. I decided to grab a few to play with on my pages. Here I used a section of one as a layer on my page, stitching it to hold it in place.

I ran another one through my die cut machine to create these cute layered flowers. I can't wait to make more! :)

Stream - My son and his buddies love to explore the stream next to our home. They love to dig for worms, catch bugs, build bridges and collect rocks. I just love how "down and dirty" they look in these pictures! LOL!

I didn't have the right letters left over on my sticker sheet to spell my title, so I dug through my stash and found some orphaned chipboard letters to fill in the empty spaces. :)

I again used a dollar store kitchen towel to create the star accents on this page. I also used the edge of one as a layer along the bottom of my photo grouping.

Thanks for coming by!


Aphra said...

kitchen towels....genius! the texture is unbelievable!!!

Nitasha said...

I'm going to the dollar store tomorrow!!! lol! Fabulous Idea- and of course, Fabulous layouts too!

Greta Adams said...

yep yep...genius....i am so trying this

Gretchen said...

this rocks Jana!