Friday, May 10, 2013

Salon...for free!

This week has been all about celebrating motherhood... whether as a mom ourselves, our own moms, or another mom in our lives. I had a lot of different options I could have used as a jumping off point, but then I was surprised yesterday afternoon by my daughters with a "Salon... for Free!" in my backyard, so I couldn't resist documenting this sweet memory. 

I chose to purposefully leave my phone inside, so I could focus on remembering the details and just experiencing the moment, so I didn't take any pictures- but I DID have this wonderful sign my oldest made for the "salon," so I used that as the focal point for my layout. 

There was ample room to decorate and lots of feminine details from the Country Lane kit, so I just played and embellished to my heart's content. Then I added my journaling inside of one of the cute frames in the kit. 

It was such a sweet memory that I wanted to make sure was saved, so even though it doesn't have any photos, it's definitely going into my scrapbook! 


JennyKozar said...

what a wonderful memory!

Sara Andrews said...

That is absolutely priceless!!

Toni From said...

I love that you documented this. Your children are so sweet and they sure love their momma.