Friday, May 22, 2015

DCA // travel layout

Hey guys! I have another travel layout to share today using the Pack Your Bags kits. I am loving the fun colors, patterns and embellishments in these kits!!! P.S. I believe there's just a couple of the Daily Diary kits left so if you're thinking you want one you better hurry up!!
So for this layout I'm using another photo from our Disneyland trip last year. I'm making a mini-album of our trip and I have the travel journal I shared last week so I won't be creating too many 12x12 layouts. But I still wanted a couple to put in our family album (and I can't help myself but create layouts from such an awesome trip!!) I will probably just do one for Disneyland Park and one for California Adventure. 

Today's layout features the iconic Mickey's Fun Wheel in California Adventure. Of course it had to be the center of my layout!!

I took inspiration for this layout from one I found on Instagram:
You'll see I followed her basic design & then made it my own layering all of the fun embellishments from the kits (I used both the classic and daily diary kits for this layout).

I love scrapbooking trips because it makes me feel like I'm reliving some of my favorite moments...even if it's a year later!

I'll be using a lot of my kits for a travel journal that I'll be sharing soon once I've pulled it all together! Until then be sure and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!!

Oh, and don't forget, you just have a couple more days to secure your kit subscriptions for 2015. After Monday they'll be closed til January!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Let's be adventurous...

Hi again, I have gone back to one of my previous albums to document a fun camping adventure using the fabulous Pack Your Bags Daily Diary kit which is perfect for all your travel pages.

The photos from our camping trip mainly spoke for themselves which meant I didn't really need to add too much journaling to the pages, and instead I used a mix of the great filler cards from the kit to help tell the story.
I used one of the travel themed filler cards to set the mood for the layout, and have repeated the same color tones throughout both pages. I trimmed down the card and matted it onto cork patterned paper and finished it off with some colored stitching.
I used another filler card to record where we were, and clustered a group of different shaped elements together and really like the way the mix of wood, metal and enamel adds texture and interest to the card. I used more small clusters to add detail to some of the photos.
I have plenty more photos from our trip so will need to add an insert to document the rest of our adventures which won't be a problem because I still have plenty of great pieces from the kit.

Once again, I used one of the filler cards to help set the mood for the second page. I also repeated the use of small embellishment clusters and continued with the same colour tones to tie in with the first page.
I used simple stitching and a few enamel dots to add a bit more colour and interest to yet another filler card - I think this one might be my fave!
I cut out the suitcases from another filler card and added a few extra elements from the kit to create a custom journal card. 
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will feel inspired to use all the great filler cards in your kits for your next layouts :)


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer Adventures

Hello everyone ! I am here with you today, sharing some pocket pages all about a day adventure we had last summer.

I am still loving and using up my "Pack Your Bags" kit, as I used it for these pages.

During our stay at Grandma and Grandpa's last summer we spent the day up at Snowbird Resort. In the winter time is a ski destination, but it also has so many fun things to do in the summer.

They had lots of activities to keep us busy all day, and tire out the kids.  I think my plan backfired though, because I was soooo tired by the end of the day and the kids did not want to leave. Ha Ha.

Here is a closer look at the first page.

I really used lots of colors over the two pages. Sometimes I like to stick with a few colors, sometimes it's okay to use lots of colors.

As far as the title card goes, I used an abbreviation for Snowbird on top of the red banner sticker. I added in the name of the resort and the date. I felt that was good enough, and left it as that. Although, I added a few embellishments to the card.

I added lots of fun pictures from our day to help tell the story. The navy arrow card was perfect for this page, and I added a photo of all of us up on top of the ropes course. I added some phrase stickers from a previous kit, as you can see I am still loving them.

There were lots of fun die cut cards in this kit. I backed the geotag with different patterned paper for a fun look.

Another closer look at the first page.

Let's move on to the second page.

This one I changed up the page protector. I had lots of photos from this day and I needed something to help me add more photos.

A few close ups.

More fun with those die cut cards.

I included a numbered list of activities on this journaling card. Thought it was a fun way to document the different things we did. Plus who doesn't love a good hashtag card. Right ?!!!

Last cards and photos.

I want to finish off by saying that I wanted to keep the journaling cards/photos rather simple. Because the photos themselves were very busy. So I wanted to try to keep the focus on the photos and minimize the embellishments. But don't get me wrong, I still had fun adding things here and there.

Thanks for coming everyone ! Now go forth and scrap those travel photos.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hello You & Me

Can I just tell you that I miss my big girl camera? My hubbs absconded with it for a weekend of drag racing, and I want it baaaaack! So, my apologies for my low light iPhone pictures!

I have been lusting after the Pack Your Bags kit since the moment it landed on my doorstep. It is definitely up there as one of my favorite kits so far. Also my new fave is using up my old stash. So here's a mix of new and old...

I can't tell you how long I've been looking at the hot air balloon rubon. LOVE mixing the cork paper and arrows with the glitz of gold glitter...

Almost-used-up sheets of stickers are just so meh. There is nothing so good as using up those darling little pennant stickers from a kit long past. Love mixing the puffy arrow on top of the cork one. Lots of bulk on this layout.

And of course, I couldn't help adding lots of paper layers. Love the mix of patterns in this kit!

Friday, May 15, 2015

travel journal...Disney style!

My family doesn't usually do a ton of traveling. So when we do a big trip - like Disney - it's a big 'to do'!! Last year we went to Disneyland for the first time (awesome trip by the way!!) And since it was our first time there I wanted to make sure I documented everything (or close to it!). So I created a travel journal to take along with me to jot down notes, keep paper souvenirs, mementos, etc.

I'll share more about my process, what I bring with me, etc, in a future post.
So I started with a Basic Grey mini-album. I loved this book because it had regular paper for journaling mixed in with pocket pages, patterned papers, etc.

I pulled out my Pack Your Bags kits and used mostly elements from the Daily Diary kit along with those great orange OA alphas & kraft tape from the classic kit (sold out). Then I went through my book & decorated random pages, mostly ones where I had journaling.

You can see I don't do a ton of embellishing. Just a bit here & there to add some visual interest to my pages. Those 3x4 cards in the daily diary kit are perfect backdrop for photos!

This is not my scrapbook for my trip but rather a 'live' version of our trip...meaning, I jotted down notes about our trip as it was happening (or soon after). It's just a fun book to look back on when the trip was over and it helps when I'm creating our trip scrapbook because I can look back at my notes from the travel journal.
This book also ended up being an autograph book after my little one saw her older brother & sister getting autographs from the characters. I mistakenly thought she'd be too young to do that & didn't get her own book (I should have known better!) but I actually really like having the character autographs in this book!
You'll notice that there are some scribbles on a lot of the pages. My 3 yr old would color in the book when we were waiting in ride lines. On one of them she said "I gwaw Mayer" (I draw Mater). That's something I would never had remembered had I not written it down right there!!
This album had a couple pockets that I kept our schedule with our dining reservations, extra fast passes, memorabilia, etc. Some of it I have taken out to use in my trip scrapbook & whatever is left just stays in the pocket.

Having a travel journal is a fun way to remember all of the fun little details of your trip...Disney or otherwise :) I'll be back in the coming weeks with my process of taking and creating a travel journal on trips!