Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Star Gazing

We are having a great time at our Summer Camp Crop on our NoelMignon Facebook group... if you have some extra time, you should swing on by! 

This is the layout I've created for my Star Gazing challenge, using the "Our Summer" kit (still available) from NoelMignon.

The story behind this layout is something I wanted to make sure to record... my kids' reactions to trying to do a backyard campout. Oh well, maybe next time? Hahah! The little view of the glowing tent from my kitchen window was sweet for the 20 minutes it lasted. ;)

To create the "starry night" inspired background, scroll on down. 

I started with gelatos. I recently bought a starter kit of these from Michael's and I LOVE them! 

First, I just made some random circles. The gelatos have almost a oil pastel or lipgloss type smoothness to them... which makes me keep them high away from little hands. 

They are water soluable, so I just dipped my paintbrush into water and brushed around them to soften the circles. 

Cool, huh? 

Next, I had punched some stars from a sheet of vellum so I used it as a stencil with my paintbrush.

The punched out stars from vellum are so airy and light looking on here! Next, some gold dots added some sparkle. And I should have left well enough alone here because I loved this.... 

but I thought it needed a punch of blue, so I used a cup and a blue ink pad and stamped circles! Then I dipped my brush in a couple of shades of ink mists and just kind of randomly swooped around the circles. 

At this point, I started to think all this color was overwhelming my little picture, and since it was the only picture I had of that night, I had to use it! Vellum to the rescue! I laid some vellum on top of the swirls and stitched it down. I moved the sparkly dots to mostly on top, except for a few peeking through the punched out star areas.

Some layered paper mattes added great focus for my photo, and I continued my embellishing from there.

I had so much fun just PLAYING on this layout! I hope you have fun playing this week! :)

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JennyKozar said...

I love your story here! My son keeps wanting to have a backyard camp out but I have a feeling the same thing would happen.