Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ribbon storage

I have an organized and not so organized systemt to storing my ribbon. As you can see, my not so organized way is to stuff ribbon strands into this clear, glass jar. I like that I can quickly see the colors and what is availabe. A lot of times this is where I stuff a few inches of ribbon instead of trying to wrap it around the plastic tabs.

This is my organized ribbon storage. I store my ribbon on these tabs inside this plastic organizer. I got this for about $2 at Hobby Lobby...it's suppose to be for storing DMC floss.

Once I wrap my ribbon around the plastic dividers I store it in this plasic box.

The only problem I have with storing my ribbon this way is that the ribbon can have kinks in it.

But I can easily get rid of the kinks by getting out my handy dandy hair straightener.

I heat up my straightener and slide the ribbon through it slowly. It only takes a couple seconds for my ribbon to come out nice and straight.

I do this also when I get the ribbon that is packaged on a cardboard sheet...the ribbon can have kinks from that, too.


Jazziemine said...

I use to store my ribbon just as you show on the cards but the kinks drove me nuts... at home I could lorn but away from home AHHHHHHHH!! so now i have them all rolled up on vintage clothes pins (doll pins) and then dived them by color into mason jars... Much better for me no kinks.

When i go to a crop ect. I just pick out what i need and place them in a plastic baggie. then i am on my way.

I love all the diferant ways of doing things. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen ribbonring? It is similar to your system, but the ribbon doesn't get kinks. Here it is on a youtube video:


jerseytjej said...

Why did I not think of using my flat irons? DUH!

Marion said...

I use my straightener for this as well!! I thought I was the only one lol!