Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little Blue Sky for you

Well I got my Blue Skies kit and I was beyond excited to jump in and play with it ---- but it seems as if you all were just as anxious! Seeing as all are SOLD out!! That is awesome! So I will be posting some of the things I have done with the kit. And remember I have just begun :)

This kit really screams fall to me - but with a wonderful shade of blue that yes, reminds me of the sky. I actually found pictures that were not taken this or last fall but in the summer. Alyson is playing in the fountain that we seem to always get a picture of at least once during the summer. I think the paper worked perfectly.

And this one is not from the Blue Skies kit - but from the Extra Credit kit - I made this for the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle challenge. I used some of the corrugated cardboard that the kit came in. And for the stars I used an empty package from some embellishments I had and used a star shaped punch. Easy Peasy!

I hope you enjoyed these!



Jana Eubank said...

AWESOME layout, Michelle! And I completely LOVE that Birthday tag!!! What a darling way to use the letter flashcards! You floor me everytime! ;)

Greta Adams said...

gorgeous work michelle! and i cannot wait to get my paws ont hat kit...i got mine before it sold out...woo hooo!!!

Virginia said...

Love love love it all, girl!