Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mini kit work

Well I fell in love with the school Extra credit kit and ripped right into it when it came to my home. Here is the first thing I made:

I made this for my daughter's new teacher. Just a simple little card and a stamp. Everything but the owl and the stamp and tulle are from the mini kit.

Then I decided to make my daughter's Pre-K page for her scrapbook - she has one for each room she is in. So there are no pictures because the bottom part is actually a pocket where I will put all of the "important" must keep memorbilia.
And I also had Alyson write her name on some ledger paper I had - I traced over it with marker as well. I left a blank one for June so we can see the improvement that she has made.
I hope these little things inspire you to create some school goodness!

Michelle Lanning


Greta Adams said...

that is an awesome idea with the name tag so you can see improvement...i might have to do that myself. Love that card you made for the teacher and her little goodie stamp wrapped in tulle...she is going to love it...

Deanna said...


Jana Eubank said...

These are priceless, Michelle! I love the idea of the little note with a stamp. I'm sooo doing that! ;) That pocket page is perfect, too! You're are so stinkin' creative, girl! :D

TessaAnnWatte said...

Love these ideas. You are so creative with the improvement idea. Very inspiring, Michelle!