Friday, September 11, 2009

"The 31st Kit" Pre-Order Info!!

Happy weekend everyone! I wanted to give you all a heads up about next months kit! I have had so many people email asking me to hold one aside for them that I have decided to put it on pre-order. So, if you would like to reserve one, please click HERE!! I am down to less than 20 unspoken for. And just to clarify, if you emailed me and still have not paid I DO still have that on reserve for you! :) If you change your mind please let me know so I can release it back into inventory. Just go ahead and add it to your cart, along with any other extra goodies you need, and I will just hold the entire order until they ship out. The shipping date will be no later than Sept. 28th!! So if this one looks intriguing to you I wouldn't hesitate to snap it up, they are going fast, with no announcements other then the MB!
And a quick note on the name "The 31st". This coincidentally is my actual 31st kit!! And along with the being the date of Halloween I just couldn't resist it. :) Fun fun!!
Here are a few sneaks...and I should be getting a few more up over the next week or so. Full reveal will go up when it sells out, or on the 28th, whichever comes first.

Hope you have a great weekend!!