Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The "real" First Day

So the first day came and went and we both survived. I had to get these photos scrapped as soon as possible! So of course I used the "Core Curriculum" kit. The only thing added was a few embellishments and the thickers.

You can probably see the pencil that is there -- She got that on Kinder meet the teacher day -- and I took it --- shhhhhhhh....she will thank me later (I hope). And it is a little heavy so I needed to add a nit more adhesive to make it straight - and it is now - LOL!

And the tree in the middle was just a thought I had in the "tree of knowledge" and of course I made it 3-D!
I hope you all are enjoying this kit --- just wait until Halloween -- awesome!!!


AmyInKy said...

LOVE that tree!

Tara said...

That tree! Love :)

Noel said...

You're tree is so clever!! She is adorable. Off to Kindergarten...sniff sniff. :)

Danielle said...

amazing! love that little tree and your dd is SO cute!