Monday, September 14, 2009

Flower Storage & Homework Station

Normally on Mondays I have a layout to share with you. Unfortunately, I am battling an eye infection and cannot scrapbook. :( BUT! I did not want to leave you empty handed, so I thought I would share with you the way I store my flowers. Just in case you might be looking for an idea for storing yours. ;)

Like most people, I sort my larger flowers by color families in large jars. These jars are plastic and are actually from Target's "Archer Farms" Chocolate covered Pretzel Rods. If I remember right, I bought a bunch of them, sent the pretzels to my kids' classes for a holiday treat and then kept the jars for myself. Hehehehe! The sneaky ways of a scrapbooker! :D

For my smaller flowers, I sort them into smaller plastic containers (found at Target in the Scrapbook section) inside of an Iris 12 X 12 plastic case. I really like this system because they are all together, don't get scrunched, and I can stack them on my shelf vertically to save space. :)


Finally, I had to show you this cute idea to use with the Core Curriculum kit (sorry, sold out). It's a Homework Carousel using the Making Memories Desktop Carousel. I did not make this. This was an idea featured on our local news station's daytime show by a our local craft store. It was just too cute, not to pass on! :)

Grab yourself a jar of ModPodge and your Core Curriculum kit. Cut paper to fit the flat areas of the organizer and ModPodge them on. When you are finished, you have a darling organizer to hold all the homework essentials! Fill it with pencils, erasers, a calculator, a pencil sharpener, a ruler, scissors, glue sticks and more! You could even add an after-school snack! Or, if you prefer, each child could have their own section to keep their specific supplies handy. Fun, huh?!

I am TOTALLY making one of these when my eyes are better and I will share it with you when I get it finished. :) Love this idea!

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Aphra Bolyer said...

Oh wow, Jana, neat ideas! I need that Iris thing a ma bob for my brads and eyelets. Perfect! And that homework carousel is fabulous! Thanks for sharing and hope your eye is better real soon. Can't go too long without seeing some of your layouts. ;)