Thursday, June 2, 2011

Double the Trouble!!

Hi Everyone!! Sharing with you all the layout I did for the new challenge-Birthdays!! This is a fun challenge! Now I am not too experienced with photographing birthday's, and I don't have many pics because the only birthday's I have really been around in a long time are Creedence's and I was always trying to make sure everything went well so I never really picked up my camera much. Sooo I chose to use the topic in a different way. I realized not too long ago that we now have two birthdays we have to worry about!! I did my layout on this realization. :D I used a pic of my two girlies, one that I love so much I have used it like three times now on different layouts. Laugh!! But I really had a TON of fun making this layout!

Hope you play along!! :D

Take care!


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beautiful Amy! i love all the details!!