Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last minute ideas for Father's Day cards

I admit it. As much as I really try - there are still a quite a few things that end up last minute. I'm a great planner, but when you fill your days with more than is humanly possible to accomplish, it happens! lol

So today I wanted to share some fun ideas I've come across for Father's Day giftwrap + cards.

genius. And totally cute. But not too girly {that's essential}They suggest using a new or thrifted bow tie - but you can also get directions to make your own here. They also have fun tips for tying a bow tie if you're like me and don't have a clue...

If your man's just not the bow tie wearing type, here's a fun set of direction to make neckties! I've actually made these before, and it's really fun. I love the look of a high quality cotton fabric - just like they suggest in this post. Anyway. Fun twist on the classic - give-dad-a-necktie-it's-father's-day thing.

{pattern and directions}

Sweet and simple bag idea. This person used these for party favors, but I think it'd be fun however you choose to use it. She actually has a bunch of fun stuff that you could adapt to father's day in this post - like the necktie bunting banner and and chocolate mustache lollies! Mmmm...
{little man party ideas}

Love this lapel card. Classy a sweet. I was thinking there might be a fun way to slide a giftcard in there somehow...

I thought this off the cuff card was a nice little twist as well. Simple and classic

And here's mine! I made this using the Mary Ellen kit:

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Gretchen said...

great ideas Leah! thanks for the inspiration! and your card is perfect!! i think my dad might have a shirt in that pattern!! hehe