Monday, August 15, 2011

No. 2

Yeah, that is the title of this layout.
Probably not my best choice for a title.
But I didn't realize that until I started typing up a blog post about it!
So typical.
Anywhoooooo, this layout is not about poo, but instead about the 2nd cruise we went on this past June.
My husband heard recently that you get some kind of special VIP status after you have cruised with Carnival for 10 times.
Now he is on a mission to see how fast we can get to 10!
So I figure I will make a layout like this for each cruise we go on.
It'll just have the who, what, when, where of each trip
and I can always do another layout or 2 with all the other pictures & details of the cruise.
Anybody want to go on a cruise??!

I used the Salt Water Taffy kit to make this one.
{there are still a couple left}
I pulled the Thickers out of the Jump & Jive kit because they matched a bit better &
I added a bit of bling from my stash.

Also I employed the crafty hands of Virginia to do the fun doodling on this layout!

She added the perfect touch to the page!
Happy Monday yall!

1 comment:

Virginia said...

hahahah about number 2!!!!! that's funny.

i wish we could go on a cruise with you!

and you sneaker!!! ;)