Monday, January 30, 2012


I have lived in the same city my entire life, and while I have never made a hobby out of birdwatching, one spring I noticed that there was a type of bird in our yard that I had never seen in the 33 years I have lived here. My family and I became fascinated with the Western Tanager birds and had a great time observing them. It has been two years since that Spring and we haven't seen that type of bird again. I'm so glad I snapped a few shots of them to scrapbook.

I used the Noel Mignon Mary Ellen kit (still a few left in the shop HERE) to create this page. This kit is so playful and fun with it's bright colors. I had a great time selecting patterned papers for this page and decided to use a blocked background for my photos so that I could feature several of the papers together.

The pops of red and yellow against the soft aqua, pink, and brown, really adds a lot of energy to this page.

Have a great week!

Jana Eubank


Michelle said...

LOVE your page Jana!! I miss the birds. We moved 7 years ago. We now live on the outskirts of a farming community. A dev. they bought up from a farmer. So, no trees and none of my favorite feathered friends (cardinals and chickadees). That one looks like a finch. We have some like that but without the orange head. They love thistle seed if you want to feed them. :)

Noel said...

Jana, I LOVE THIS LAYOUT for so many reasons. The subject, the design (which I am lifting by the way), and the colors. BEAUTIFUL!

scrapbookone said...

This is one of my favorite kits ever of Noel's. Jana your layout is beautiful! I, too will be lifting your design!