Saturday, January 14, 2012

Make a simple winter wreath- with the Cabin Fever kit!

Hi friends! 

I'm here today with a little project to spruce up your house in these cold winter months. 

Since the Cabin Fever kit (4 left!) is a great mix of rustic and feminine, I went that route with my wreath. I started with one of those cheapo vine wreaths
 (mine was actually from the thrift store for $2). 

Then I clipped off a couple of glittery decorative floral picks from the Dollar Store. These were left over from Christmas and I've got a few more hoarded back. ;) Place them near the top and bottom of the side you are going to decorate and then glue them on. 

Pinch and bunch the back of a coffee filter 'til it fans out pretty. Staple it together in the back. Do three of these and hot glue/staple them together to create a flower. These are also really pretty misted, but I wanted to stick with the simplicity of the color. 

Hot glue it into place on top of the glittery leaves, and cut a couple of more leaves from cardboard (you could even use that priority mail box that your NM kit comes in!). 

Tuck in one of the Maya Road button pins with some twine through it behind the flower. 
Then add a MME sticker on top of the flower. 

Create another flower with the wire rimmed burlap ribbon by putting it into a loose circle and pinching the middle together. I stapled/hot glue the back to hold it in place. 
Sew a canvas button to the center. 

Cut some of the fabric to about 2 inches wide. Fold it in half (like a hot dog). 

Cut along the fold edge small fringe all the way across the fabric. 

Roll up, hot gluing as you go. 

Fluff and add this cute little flower! 

Drape some of the cute tiny MME garland from the kit through the top of the wreath. 
It's really easy to tuck through the vine wreath. 

 Tuck in a leaf or two cut from the text patterned paper in the kit. I also added in a clear snowflake (you can see it in a picture down below). 

And there you go! A simple and chic wintery wreath! 

Made with the Cabin Fever kit- get yours today


gssfam said...

LOVE that! And I have been planning to do that exact same flower with the fabric!!!! :D

Michelle said...

That is really pretty!!!

Laurie! said...

That is so pretty!

Linh C. said...

Cute wreath, Virginia!

I don't use my coffee maker anymore, so I have a lot of coffee filters to make flowers with. :)

Jana Eubank said...

So cute and perfect for winter!

junqueandroses said...

Absolutely perfect for winter!!!

Gretchen said...

woah! this is gorgeous!! buuuuut if it goes missing from your front door it is just because somebody thought it would look fabulous on mine!