Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Postalettes

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY and I'm here with a quick and easy idea to help you send a Valentine note to your loved one . . . Valentine's Day Postalettes! The inspiration for this set came from a stationery set my mom owned when I was a little girl. She had the cutest set of postalettes that you would write a note on, fold into thirds and close with a coordinating sticker. There were also additional round stickers that you could fold over the side to make it more enclosed. I LOVED them! Opening one of those notes was like unwrapping a little present! I decided it would be fun to use that same idea to make cards with the Charm School Kit for each of my children to open on Valentine's Day morning.

First, I cut out an envelope shape using my Cricut machine. You could also use an envelope template found on the internet. When selecting your envelope shape, be sure to choose one that has shallow side pieces. You will be cutting those off to create the postalette and you want the top and bottom "flaps" to be long enough, and wide enough to cover your note inside.

Next, I covered each panel on the outside of the postalette with adorable patterned paper from the Charm School Kit. I decorated the back with a label shape to house the receiver's name, and then created a decorative piece to use as my "sticker" to close each postalette.

I also tied a length of twine (from the Cabin Fever Kit) around each postalette making it even more of a treat to unwrap and open! :) Inside I adhered a square of cream cardstock stamped with hearts (Charm School Kit) in gray ink. The stamps will frame my message perfectly!

So if you find yourself without a card to give your loved one, instead of fighting the crowds at the greeting card store, pull out your kit and create a darling postalette! It's more special than a store-bought card anyway. *wink*

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jana Eubank

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