Friday, February 10, 2012

Blowing kisses your way

My two little girls go to a Mom's Day Out twice a week, so this year, I'm like a Valentine's making factory around here, once you add in theirs to the two big kids' stuff! 

Of course, I want them all to have fun, unique Valentine's, and since my two year old doesn't really care yet, I got to have creative license with hers. ;) hehehe

I was inspired by these cute little bags I saw here, and wanted to put my own spin on them. 

Start with tiny cello bags from the baking section in the craft department at your local big box store. Put three Hershey's kisses in and tie off with some cute baker's twine

Then cut patterned paper and coordinating cardstock. The patterned paper (from the Charm School kit- a few are still left!) is cut to a 3x4" size, and the cardstock is 3.25x4.25". 
Then I rounded the corners. 

Adhere them together, then print on some cardstock your message, and cut into little banners. I used the font "Rough Typewriter." It's one of my very faves! I added in a little punched heart and the Valentine is almost ready to go! 

My local big box store has packages of 3 small bubble wands in the summer toys section. They are only $0.98! Punch a hole in the Valentine, and tie tulle through the wand, through the twine on the little treat bag, and tie into a big bow! 

So cute! I know that none of the little kids in her class will really care about the cute factor, but I bet you they will LOVE the chocolate and bubbles! :) 

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