Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project Runway Inspiration!!!


Hey everyone!!!  If you have popped in the forum recently, you may have noticed Virginia posted some fun pics of last week's Project Runway garments to use as inspiration.  I was a big fan of the color scheme in the outfit on the right :)

I broke out my NEW August West Coast kit and got to work!!!  I tried to stick with mostly shades of blue & green, but I did throw in a few pops of yellow, red, and pink :)


I loved this pic of my son & his cousin :)  They are such close friends and fortunately get to see each other quite often.  After spending the day together I happened to catch a snapshot of these two saying goodbye - so sweet!!  Here is a close-up of my journaling.  Being a big fan of title work, I had some fun layering up a bunch of fun stickers, tags, and die-cuts from the kit :)


I recently have had fun trying out new ways to play with washi tape.  The tape in the kit was the perfect  accent amidst the strips of patterned paper.  I tore some strips and did a little machine-stitching over top of them.  I was worried my machine might get caught up in the stickiness but no worries - it worked fine!!


Looking for some inspiration for your own pages??? Be sure to head over to the forum as well as the Inspiration Mondays Pinterest board!!!  Have a fab Wednesday!!

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Diane Payne said...

So pretty...I like the addition of the yellow, too!