Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hello, I Adore You!

Pardon the crappy lighting. I procrastinated myself right into the wee hours this morning. And wow. Does my studio light not flatter anything. Not a thing. Anywhooo....

This Country Life kit is so stinkin' fun to play with! I am not normally a primary color kinda gal, but this is just so fun and cute and wholesome and and and and... I could go on....

We took a trip to see my mom a few weeks ago, and my little guy fell in love with the backyard watering bowls and ponds. Couldn't get that kid back in the house.

But, can I just say that I am loving that 50% photo concept? I printed this right into the center of my 8.5x11 cardstock, and built around it.

I just can't help but cluster all those fun little doodads. The red gingham ones? Swoon!

 Those watering cans. You you just not even handle it? Nomnomnom!!!

And you know what else? Noel put that date stamp in a kit about a thousand years ago, and I use it ALL THE TIME! Probably my very favorite thing in any kit, ever. LOVE!

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