Thursday, August 20, 2015

Life Lessons, Me & Daily Diary

Hi everyone!  Today I am sharing a pocket page I created using August's Daily Diary Kit.  This week's focus has been on "Life Lessons".  I always love an opportunity to "dig deep", to write and reflect on things that I know to be true, things that I need to work on, and things that just bring me back to a place of centre.

Life is crazy. Life is busy.  I know for me, scrapbooking and paper crafting has always (and will forever continue to be) a place that brings me much peace, solitude and joy from a very chaotic and noisy world at times.  So to celebrate this, and to reflect on some "life lessons", I created this very simple pocket page to showcase some photos, some of my favourite life lesson reminders and personal journaling.

I used a 9x12 grid pocket page.  I created each of my 3x3 pattern paper squares from the kit.  I wanted to keep a similar colour trend going so I stuck close to the pinks and reds in the kit, popping the centre with the gorgeous blue and green floral card.  One of my favourite embellishments in this kit is the "this is the good life" banner.  So I simply used my sewing machine and stitched it to the 3x3 card.  Again, I wanted to keep this page simple.  Because for me, simplicity and "keeping things simple" is a huge ongoing life lesson for me.  I wanted my pocket page to reflect that.  To remind me that scrapbooking doesn't have to be complex, or difficult, or too busy and with too much stuff.  It can just be a mix of pretty patterns, photos, and a few extras and still be beautiful too.

I included some of my very favourite phrases into my pages.  "Choose Happy", "Smile Often", "Create Daily" "Be Brave" and "Love Always".  To create these cards with these phrases, I used the fabulous Project Life Alphas that were included in this month's kit.  They come in such a fabulous font...there are a million I knew I would not run out of letters either. It was perfect and worked out great.

I then also added some personal journaling on 2 of the 3x3 cards.  One I wrote down some thoughts, and the other I simply chose words that pertain to happiness and just repeated them over and over.  I love how it created a background on the card and helped to accent the "happiness" sticker.

I really loved this challenge, and found it very therapeutic for me.  I love to create, but sometimes we all need reminders that bring us back to what matters most in life.  I am happy to have this page and add it into my collection for whenever I am needing inspiration, a quick pick me up...or to just look at pretty pattern paper! :)

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