Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Traveler's Notebook prep using the Dive In Classic Kit

Hey everyone, Michelle here! Today I wanted to share with you a traveler's notebook I prepped for a trip that I'm taking this week so that I can record all of my fun memories. Whenever I use one of these notebooks for a trip I'll do a bit of prep beforehand, do a bit of journaling during my trip, and then finish it up when I get home. I've found that if I do a bit of journaling during my trip it helps with remembering the little things that I might have forgotten by the time I get home (you could also carry a small notebook for this as well). 

So I started with my TN that you can pick up on Amazon and even at Michaels now. I started with just a few elements from the Dive In Classic Kit - mainly that great alpha stamp set - along with another stamp set from my stash. I stamped a few basics on the days that I knew I had plans. The others I'll leave blank until I get home, or fill in a bit when I have some down time during my trip. I skip every other page because the pages in a TN are typically very thin (and the stamping bleeds through) so I'll actually end up attaching those pages together which I will share in a later post. 
I have an Instax printer which I love for my travel TN's. Sometimes I'll bring it along with me on trips & print photos as I go. I also like to use a little zippered bag to carry some of my scrappy supplies with me (I believe I found this one at the Container Store).

I also like keeping some kind of little zippered bag to keep little papers I collect during the trip, this one I found at Michaels. This one fits right in my TN.

Side note - I save just about every little paper & "souvenir" from my trip. They're fun to use when embellishing traveler's notebooks :)
I'll fill in and embellish my album and I will share the finished TN when I get home!


Becky Williams said...

This looks great! I need to remember to do this for my trip coming up.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Fun and beautiful!