Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Christmas Morn

Hey all! I wanted to finish up one more project with the Gingerbread and Peppermint Class Kit before moving on to more January projects. I know a lot of people feel the pressure to be "caught up" with scrapbooking but I don't. I mean, if we were all caught up what would we scrapbook about, right?! But when January rolls around I like to complete at least one layout about Christmas morning knowing that I can go back later and finish up any other layouts for the month (I'll share more about my process for that later).
I already had an idea of how I wanted the layout to go - one larger photo with 3 smaller ones. This page is more of a snapshot of Christmas morning and I'll go back and do another page (maybe a pocket page) with more photos and journaling later. 
If you have a lot of Christmas memories to scrapbook there are just 2 - TWO! -  of these wonderful kits left. You can head over to the shop to check it out. I believe there's also one of the Daily Diary kits left as well. 

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