Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You are my Favorite and my Best

You *may* have heard about our current challenge (hee hee), to use a children's book as inspiration for a layout. You can use the design, the story, the title, or just a memory associated with a particular story as your jumping off point.

Ever since Em was a baby, we would read Charlie and Lola (and Clarice Bean- both by Lauren Child) books to the kids, so I KNEW that I had to use Charlie & Lola as my inspiration for my layout. This is one of our favorite books about them:

I ended up tracing the characters a little and then adding my own interpretations to match my kids. I know this is not a traditional layout (with no pics), but it was really fun to do and my kids immediately recognized themselves being Charlie & Lola-fied. I think I"m going to put it on a canvas or in a frame and hang it in their reading nook.

Come join in on the Off-the-Bookshelf challenge! There's a $15 gc to the Noel Mignon store waiting for the winner of the challenge.... :)


Noel said...

There was this was colorful and brilliant. I loved it and it is one of my favorites and best. :)

Marie Levite said...

AHHHHH, I love this!! Great job.

Jana Eubank said...

This is so creative, adorable and utterly sweet! LOVE what you did with this challenge!

chelemom said...

You already know how much I loooooove this!!!!!!