Tuesday, November 10, 2009


......to cookbooks that is! The one in particular I love is Cuisine at Home. It has gorgeous photos of the finished recipes, as well as side dishes to prepare. I created this page for the current Home Cookin' Challenge. (Hosted by our very own Jana!) The photos are mine.....of dishes I actually cooked! And they tasted pretty good too! : ) (Which is a huge improvement since I got married 16 years ago. Back then, burnt and overdone were part of my regular menu! LOL!)

I used Noel's Mill Street kit. (The whisk charm and the painted parenthesis/bracket were from my own stash.)

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a great one!


cathy said...

OMG! I love these cookbooks too. The pictures just make you want to cook. I love the grilling one from the summer. I love your layout!

A Cupcake Life said...

These are my absolute favorite cookbooks too! I didn't like cooking until I found these cook books!