Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweater Posies

See this sweater? I love it, but it has definitely seen it's day. The color has faded a bit and there are three holes in it where I caught it on something. Time to throw it out . . . or is it?! :D

Cut several graduating circles out of a thinner sweater (something with an open weave or too bumpy of a texture will get caught in your sewing machine during the next step).

Load your sewing machine up with a similar colored thread and zig zag around the edges of the circle. As you sew, stretch and pull at the sweater fabric . . . don't worry, you can't mess this up. Don't worry about being too perfect about it because you won't really see your stitches with the same colored thread.

The sweater circle's edges will curl up naturally as you work with it, but you can also use your fingers to twist and bend the edges into place if you would like. :)

Now layer the circles together, add a button and you have a darling Sweater Posie to add to your page.

Check out this one where I layered two different colors together. Fun, right?! :D :D :D

And this is how it will look on your page.

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Have fun!


GinniG said...

AMAZING!!! Great tutorial!

Wendy Hackney Baisden said...

I am so gonna do this with my little four year old boys jeans !

Erin said...

I LOVE your blog!!!! Going to subscribe. LOVE it!

Cassie said...

Fantastic tutorial!!! I love this idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!