Sunday, May 16, 2010

Easter Morning and Twine Flowers

I have a LO and technique to share with you today. First up is this LO I did of my dad with my boys on Easter morning. I used the Sonoma County kit. I really love the fresh, masculine feel of this kit and it works well with all my boy photos. This is inspired by a Jana Eubank sketch.

I used the backside of my cork buttons and dotted the edges to 'finish" them a bit, and then centered some small buttons on top.

Here is the twine loopy flower I came up with, I really like how this is a flower, but it is not to girlie, with all these guys in the photo.

I was brainstorming ideas for some sort of new embellishment and I kept getting drawn to the twine that was included in the kit. Then I started thinking about those bows you get from Nordstom at Christmas. They are secured in the middle, and you just fan them out to get super cute I thought I would give that a try and I love the result...a "boyish" twine flower! (if this is an "old" technique...I apologize...but I "think" I am being original here...wink)You can see my finished one with the brown twine up top...but here is my example piece.
Start off by doing double loops, pinched in the middle, or think of them as figure 8's. I would do about 6 full loops, so you have 6 small loops on each side, that will give you 12 petals.

Use a strong, thin thread and tie a knot in the middle of your figure 8's.

Then pull your "petals" out and around to shape your flower. Trim off your excess thread and twine pieces and then center with a brad or button to cover your thread.

Hope you have a fun Sunday!


TeenaBugg38 said...

very cute! I think this would also work well with yarn. But I like the idea of the twine for the boyish flowers since I have 5 Will try this one out for sure!!

Noel said...

it would work well with yarn too...but i think I would do a lot more loops, since it isn't as sturdy. I think the bakers twine would be cute too...i think i will give that a go next time!

aussiescrapper said...

Oh wow what amazing flowers, spoke to my friend Jan and we are going to see if we can replicate these in our craft time tomorrow, I love them. I love what you did with the cork circles from the kit too, very creative, going to do some of these beauties too. Thanks Melxxxx