Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Week in the Life & a Quick Tip

I have been wanting to record my "week in the life" for a while now, and so I was really excited when this was our new challenge.

"Finally! An opportunity to sit down and actually do this!" I thought.

I must say, once it came time to record it, however, I got a little overwhelmed. I didn't do any research (from some of the other scrappers out there that have done this before) to help me narrow down what and how I would record things... so I went into it thinking, WHAT would best represent a good glimpse at my life right now.
I think "glimpse" is a perfect word for this layout. Does it record every little detail about my week? No way. It would have to be a massive book to do that... but when I look back at this, years from now, I will definitely get a good impression of a little of what my life looked like in May 2010.
(P.S. The challenge is still going on- make sure to join in for a chance at a fun prize!)
Made with the Lemonade Stand Kit - 3 left!!, plus my new obsession... Coredinations Cardstock.

Quick Tip:

I'm sure the awesome stampers that are out there are going to cringe at this picture.

I believe I've mentioned a time or two, stamping is not really my thing. I ADORE how it looks, but I've never quite gotten the hang of remembering to use my stamps.

Perhaps it's because I let my acrylic blocks look like this:

I discovered a really quick fix for cleaning this off, that most of you probably have in your house!

A magic eraser!
It cleans nearly all the ink off, presto chango! (Even the Staz-on!) And I didn't have to go out and buy some fancy cleaning product. :)

Now maybe I'll get to stampin' more on my projects.... :)

Make sure to check back in next week to get to know our new and returning design team members! :)

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