Sunday, May 6, 2012

Step by Step- Shabby Card Tutorial

Sometimes I'll hear a song that may not have been intended to be necessarily deep, but something about it strikes my sentimental little heart and it'll stick there. 

Well, "I'm Glad You Came" by the Wanted is one of those. Its is super cheese, but one of my very close friends and I were talking about it one day, and how it is so important to hear that you are a big piece of someone's life... that you were glad they came into your life. 

That's the inspiration behind the card I made, and I wanted to show you guys a step by step tutorial on how I made it!

I pulled out my Jack & Jill kit, and I got started by cutting out the words "I'm glad you came" with the basic Arial font on my Silhouette machine. 

I flipped the card over and backed the word "you" with the green polka dot washi tape. I laid it sticky side up (so that the non sticky side would show through the other side), and held it down with some more of the same tape. 

This is what it looks like flipped over. I also added a piece of kraft cardstock under to back the other words. 

With the pink paper side torn, I added another layer of torn paper to peek out from underneath, from the vintage "Jack & Jill" paper in the kit. 

I printed out the words "My universe will never be the same," and cut them out into a little banner shape. I made it pop by inking the edges with brown ink. 

I adhered it and added a strip of one of the border stickers behind it. 

I added the cute little clothespin...

then haphazardly added a few rubons along the text paper edge-

and along the folded edge seam. 

Final touches included stitching, 

a kraft flag, 

and a tiny heart. 

The final result! 

Now, I think I will send my friend this card... to let her know that I'm so glad she came into my universe! :) 

(I know. I am a major cheesey girl!) 

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Gretchen said...

haphazardly! haha!
great card Virg!