Monday, March 9, 2015

Pocket Letters

So... I found a new thing. 

Adding a planner, and a documented faith moleskin, and a journaling Bible were apparently not enough additional creative endeavors for me in 2015, so now I am adding this. 

This is NOT Project Life, although it looks similar. 

It is a letter. In pocket form. 

I have friends that live all over... England, Scotland, Ireland, Bundibugyo, Alaska... the list goes on. I'm often at the post office, sending off a little letter or small package here or there. 

And then I stumbled across the idea of Pocket Letters on Instagram and just HAD to do it for my friends! 

It's in a baseball card protector, that can be folded into thirds and slid into a long envelope. What do you put into the pockets? Well, all sorts of things! 

The design team is using this color board this week as inspiration for our projects, so I decided to do my first Pocket Letter using it as well. 

I am using the Shine Bright kit since it goes with this color board so perfectly (almost like we... planned that... hehe). 

I tucked in behind the cards some old notes between my friend and I... a mini book mark...

Some tea, some cute odds & ends, and a full letter. 

Isn't this SO fun??! I'm obsessed. Come join our FB group and share with us your color board creations this week! 


Unknown said...

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robinann17 said...

I just found your blog from a pin on Pinterest. It was of your lovely pocket letter (LOVE!) I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the image of the super cool girl. I just love her! Thanks in advance for helping if you can. I plan on returning to your blog. You have so many creative ideas!