Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hand-Stitching with Show and Tell

Good morning! The design team members were asked to share a technique this week and I'm not a very technique-y scrapbooker, but there are some things that I turn to time and time again. I decided to share my hand-stitching process with you. This is definitely a tutorial for the clueless, those who have never picked up a needle and thread. If you've cross-stitched or similar, you might want to skip on past. :)

After deciding what I wanted to hand-stitch, I drew the shape with a faint pencil line.

Once you have your shape drawn, you will need a wide-eyed needle, embroidery floss, a paper piercer (found at most big box craft stores), and something soft and cushy to pierce the holes on (I used a sheet of felt, but if you have a mouse pad, that works awesomely). 

Now just poke holes along the pencil line, trying to space the holes evenly. Make sure the holes aren't too close together though, or you'll risk tearing two holes into one big hole once you start stitching. Erase the pencil line after all the holes are poked. 

Next, thread up your needle. Pull the floss through your needle just a little bit so you have a small portion that is doubled up. Pull this thread through the backside of the page, first hole. Tie a knot once the thread is pulled mostly all the way through. 

I did a backstitch so I went through the back of hole 1, and down through the top of hole 2. 

Now go up through the backside of hole 3. Then you will go back to hole 2 and pull the needle through the top side of hole 2. 

Keep stitching like this until your shape is completed. Tie a knot in the thread once you are finished or just secure with a piece of washi and trim the extras.

It's not rocket science, but it's fun and adds texture and dimension to your pages with just a little bit of work.

My finished pocket page. I used Becky Higgins Design E for the page protector, which has 4 6x6 pockets. I've never used this design before but decided to treat every pocket like a mini layout.

I used the ribbon from the Classic Kit and pleated and then used my sewing machine to secure it. I love the texture of the pleat.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. Have you seen the new October kits? Come check out the Blue Moon Classic Kit and the Daily Diary Kit.