Thursday, December 18, 2008

Always Believe

Well Noel's latest challenge had me stumped for a minute. I could go in totally different directions - but with the wonderful Winter Weather kit I knew I had to use the paper and create a layout around the holidays. This picture of Alyson in her Holiday colors made me think about how exciting this time of year really is for her. All the anitcipation, the wonderment, and the yumminess of all the goodies she has already had. But there is something to be said about being so young and innocent and believeing that Santa is real and that he will try to deliver all that you want. I am not sure how many years she will continue believing but I hope the excitment nevers falls far behind - it is something that shines so clear to those that not only believe in Santa but the meaning behind the season. So, this was my little "note" to her...I can't wait to see yours!
Michelle Lanning

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Virginia said...

I LOVE this. All the little touches... the buttons, the snowman, the candy cane... man. This just rocks. :)