Monday, December 22, 2008

Mini Book from scratch

I figured since Christmas was around the corner you could whip some of these up for a little happy to someone. this was inspired by these cute Kolo albums.

For this I am using the new "Love Story" kit which can be found here. There is only 3 left in stock so if you wnt one i suggest you get it now.

The only supplies you will need for this is:
* Cutting mat
* Cutting tools (eyelet setter or hole punch, craft knife or trimmer )
* Stapler
* Ruler
* Bone folder ( or whatever works for you to make good creases )
* 1 piece of 4.5 x 12 paper
* 3 pieces of 4 x 5.5 printer paper
* Ribbon

1) Take your 4.5 x 12 piece of paper and fold in half lengthwise. Sharpen crease with bone folder.

2) Open up your folded piece and fold in from both ends towards the middle crease. Leave an inch space in the middle ( so .5 inches from each side of crease )

3) Set aside cover piece and take your three sheets of 4 x 5.5 pieces of paper and fold in half lengthwise. Flatten crease with bone folder and 'sandwich' them together.

4) Return to your cover piece and mark spots half way from top to bottom and 1 inch from the edge. ALSO, mark spots directly across 1 inch form the spine. You only have to mark either side because you should be able to use your hole puncher and pnch through the layers. if you are using an eyelet setter mark the font and the back.

5) Punch holes in those marked spots. ( Punch all the way through the flaps inside )

6) Take your inside pages and sandwich them inside the cover page

7) Turn it all over flat so the inside is facing the table and staple twice through the spine. This is to secure your inside pages.

8) Take your ribbon and thread through hole (1) from the outside in. Come up through hole (2) from the inside. Re-enter at hole (3) from the outside then come up through hole (4).

i know it might be hard to see but i penciled the numbers. you will start on the right.


Done in about 10 minutes... easy quick, cute and a great little xmas happy!!


Virginia said...

that is so super cute and simple! i love it! thanks for the tutorial!

Jessica said...


Jana Eubank said...

What a sweet gift for friends! So CUTE, Greta!!!

Linh C. said...

Very cute! I think I'll make some of these for Valentine's Day. :)

Deanna said...

Gorgeous much!