Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I really love making our home, our home. It's truly one of my favorite things to do (besides scrapbooking!).

I wanted to document our home in an evolving mini book. I want to be able to keep adding photos as they come along to this, so I've only created the base for most of the pages (but I have completed one inside spread so you can see!).
The colors in the Cornucopia kit were perfect for reflecting the warmth I like our house to convey, plus it had perfect accents like the October Afternoon rub ons and the Melissa Frances key holes.
I cut the pages and the accents with an AccuCut machine, but you could use any sort of die cutting machine or just simple shapes to create the same effect.

Each page has a small list of things on it that we do in that room.
I'm excited to add more pics to this album!


Greta Adams said...

i have been meaning to document inside my new house...this has given me the swift kick in the butt to do it...i love this project!!

i am finishing up my little project as well with this kit...

Jana Eubank said...

This is so cute! These are the things that you remember as a kid, all the details of home, that never get documented. What a great idea to take the time to record the touches of home and have them all in one place. Love it!!!