Monday, December 15, 2008

Mini Stamp Storage

Well if you are anything like me, you love those dollar mini stamps that they have at Michael's and Joann's. Even companies like Scenic Route and Pink Paislee have come out with their "singles" stamps. Organizing them can somtimes be a little messy. I have put all my acrylic stamps in a binder and they look something like this.

This is a basic page protector and on the other side of this sheet is a transparency that the stamp sheets are glued to. I recently stamped all of the images onto a white piece of paper so I could clearly see what stamp is where. I also have them organized acording to journaling, flourishes, flowers, etc. Makes it a little easier for me to find things.

Now for those small little stamps I finally found something that keeps them all in one card protectors! The last time I was at the dollar store I say them and didn't know what I would do with them - but KNEW they would be good for something - so I bought 2 packs.

Turns out those little singles stamps fit PERFECTLY in there.

Here is what I did:

For the stamps that I had previously attatched to a transparency, I took them off and stamped the image onto a piece of white cardstock that I could slide right in front of the stamp. This is what they look like:

You can see that the Secnic Route Stamps have the original packaging -- they fit perfectly! Just remember to keep them and not toss them like I did!

Here is another page:

I hope this helped a little bit and will help to keep you organized -- I know it does for me!

Michelle Lanning


Jessica said...

i am addicted to those little stamps..that is such a great idea...thanks!!

Noel said...

This is a great idea!! My son has a pokemon binder, I need a stamp binder. GREAT!

Virginia said...

Girl, you are such a smarty pants!!! (In a good way, lol!) I was JUST looking at all my little stamps last night thinking I needed to get them under control... they are all just tossed into a bin. I am stopping at the dollar store this afternoon for some of those card protectors! What a fab idea!

Shan Herren said...

what a great idea! can't wait to gather all of my stamps and get them into a binder like this!Thanks!

AbbieTorroll said...

Great idea Michelle!! Thanks!