Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well hello there

I apologize for the late posting -- it has taken me over an hour to do this - I left my computer on and it was so slow - so I finally rebooted it and all is good:)

So I have been in a bit of a creative slump - BUT I have been wanting to create - just no time! I did create this little witch hat using the 31st kit. The hat was bought at a local craft store for under 3bucks. I picked 3 pieces of pattern paper that I liked and went with my sort of vintagy Halloween theme.

I then just tore strips of paper and got the good ol modge podge out. And just a little hint - if you can't open the top because it has been so long since you've used it and it is glued shut - just run in under hot water for about 5 minutes and it will be good to go.

And then there was no rhyme or reason to how I placed the pieces on - just had fun with the pieces. I overlapped them and added the Modge Podge as I went.

And because the podge was still tacky I added some clear crystals and some shimmerz for extra sheen!

And I apologize for such a bad bow - LOL! I am mad I didn't notice it when taking the picture - but you can all rest assured that all is well now!

I hope this inspired you to use the kit in more ways than just a layout or a card!


Jana Eubank said...

I *LOOOOOOOOVE* this!!!! :D :D :D

elizabeth said...

oh girl!
this is fabulous :)