Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Elfie

Titles are funny. They are sometimes the biggest obstacle in a page layout and sometimes the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes they are the basis of the layout, sometimes they come at the very end. Sometimes they are the major element on the page, and sometimes they are teeny tiny.

No matter what I seem to do lately to my title, if I use alpha stickers or thickers I just can't help backing them with something. In this case I used corrugated kraft paper and brown cardstock. This just seems to anchor the title. Makes it one element, instead of five different letters tossed onto the page.

I also am in love with the Pink Paisley alpha stickers! I love the way they look when you offset layer them together - it just gives them a little oomph!

So what do you do to your titles? Any great tips or tricks?


Kathy Martin said...

Wow, love how you create such dimension with your titles! :)

aussiescrapper said...

This title is just gorgeous, I agree the dimension makes it just pop out at you. Love MElxx

Jana Eubank said...

You already know I love the way you matte your titles! I've been trying this lately and I'm completely ADDICTED to it! So much fun! This page is so flippin cute! I love all the texture with the whimsical edge. Great page, Britt! :)

Jenn K said...

What a fun page!! I love all the texture, color and well just everything!! You ROCK!