Sunday, August 15, 2010

Storage Tip: Stamp Pads

I've been storing my stamp pads together in a drawer. It worked "okay" but I would frequently get frustrated when I needed to find a particular color. It was hard for me to see what my options were.

I remembered that I had bought some transparent document boxes in the Target Dollar Spot a few years ago and thought I would try putting my stamp pads in there.

They fit great! I'm loving this new solution! I can group colors together: neutral, warm, cool, specialty (glue pads, watermark, etc.).

Before I had to look through each "stack" of stamp pads to find the color I wanted. Now, I just flip up a layer or two of boxes and can easily see the colors.

I'm not sure if Target is selling document boxes this year in the Dollar Spot, but I'm sure you could find something similar at an Office Supply store if this is a storage solution you're interested in.

Happy Organizing!


caroline hancock said...

Awesome idea, mine are all just sitting in a box too, very stressful when you want the one at the bottom lol

Mikel said...

What a fabulous idea! What next?