Sunday, January 2, 2011

Virginia's Class "Proof of Life: a field book for every woman"

Designed exclusively for, I invite you to come along as we go on a bit of a whimsical, creative venture at the start of this new year.

a study and sampling of our daily lives

something fat and full of odds & ends sticking out.

the truest form of the word: *scrap*book

quotes we love, piece & fibers from our day... what it was like

to be us.

at this time.

a proof of our life.

I'll be sharing with you some thoughts on my philosophy behind this sort of album, a step by step tutorial on how to create my version of this album, some journaling prompts, exclusive images created just for you, and embellishing techniques (including my very favorite product, masking tape!).

The class begins on January 15th, 2011, on a private forum in the message board. You can purchase your spot in the class for only $8.99 on the paypal button below.

*Please note that I will be sending further information & instructions to whatever email address is listed on the paypal account you check out with, so make sure that it's up to date with the correct information. :)

And the coolest part of all this? Noel has created a gorgeous kit called "Very Virginia" especially for this class!

My album will be created entirely from this kit, so while it's not a requirement for you to purchase this kit to take part in the class, it will be what all my examples & tutorials will be based off of. You can purchase it here.

(You can also see a full list of contents -over 20 patterned papers-, and the adorable Britt doing a review video of the kit, here!)

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Jenn K said...

Sounds like so much fun!!